Books To Pick

With a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which to enjoy reading our library provides reading resources for children, young people and adults. Whether you are interested in arts or science, literature or fiction, our collection of books, magazines and newspapers cover a wide spectrum of the written word.
You can donate your books too and expand the choice to users.

Visual Library

Bridging the written word to the visual world, the audio-visual collection has movies, short films and documentaries.
Choose from a choice of over 150 VCDs / DVDs. You may watch them there or borrow a disc to watch at home.
You may donate some of your collection too.

Internet Centre

Learn, browse, email, blog, chat.
Get on to the internet highway with the broad band’s blazing speed.
Watch Youtube, listen to internet radio or voice chat with the multimedia kit.
You can even extend your office to the club, if you want to catch up on late evening emails.

Open from:
7:00pm to 9:00pm