The two tables attract a pool of talent. People study here, what they missed in the physics labs - Newton’s laws of motion, angles of incidence & reflection. So serious it might seem, but it is fun in real, when the scores and the spirits get a move on. A word of caution however... it is a very addictive game; you’ll not want to give it a miss even for a day.
Charges Member: Rs.500 (Monthly), Rs.30/Rs.40 per half hour for singles/doubles on daily basis. Guest : Rs.40 / Rs.50 per half hour for singles/doubles
Open from:
4:00pm to 10:30pm


The two wooden courts attract dozens of lithe players. Smashing, dropping, floating the bird and having a whale of a time. Points scored and lost; you can hear the screams of victory and disappointment.
Charges Member: Rs. 325 (Monthly) or Rs. 40 (Daily) Guest : Rs. 100 (Daily)
Want to turn your kid into a pro? The coach Mr. Denu is a live wire. His enthusiasm is infectious and the kids really love it. It is joyful sight to see the kids running all over the court and enjoying themselves. He can certainly turn your child into a pro. Contact Mr. Denu (9791099256) to enroll your kid.
Open from:
6:00am to 9:00am & 6:00pm to 10:30pm


Get that 6 pack or tone up to stay fit and be in good spirits. This air conditioned state of the art gym with a good ambience and less crowd is an ideal place for a work out. Equipped with 2 tread mills, elliptical, cycle, rowing machine, work station, bench press etc.
Charges Individual (Member/Spouse/Ward): Rs. 500 (Monthly) or Rs. 60 (Daily) Family Pack (Member, spouse and one ward): Rs. 800 (Monthly)
Open from:
6:00am to 9:00am & 4:00pm to 9:00pm


The 2 courts teem with wannabe Connors and Federers. With leaps and stretches, they get to pump air and muscles to stay young forever. -Tennis coaching is conducted here by Mr.Edwards and you can be assured of personal attention.
Charges Member: Rs.750/-(Monthly) or Rs. 75/- (Daily)
Open from:
3 to 6.30 pm on week days & 3 to 5.00 pm on weekends


This game needs no introduction. Moreover, the Club has a formidable team of men in whites. Interclub matches are conducted every year. Intra-club matches between staff & alumni and the 4 institutes are a regular feature. The T-20s for kids on the lawns awash with floodlights is fun galore. Want to practice? Or just take a swing? You have the cricket nets too. Now, with the sponsorship of Bahwan Cybertek, cricket in our Club will be going places. Be a part. Get in touch with the Captain.
Charges Member: Rs.300 (Monthly), Rs.70 per session on daily basis. Guest : Rs.100 per session Group Package: Rs.500 per session on daily basis.


A place for the paddlers. Take a break with a game of ping pong.
Charges Material: Available to Marker
Open from:
6 to 10.30 pm on weekends


For the board game enthusiasts, carrom is an addiction. This board game can test both your physical and mental elements.
Charges Material: Available to Marker
Open from:
6 to 10.30 pm on weekends


The swimming pool in CEG is open to Alumni Club members. Please check with the CEG sports department for details.